Four year olds are creative, independent thinkers. They are developing a sense of self and a sense of community. Four year old children are beginning to have phonemic and number awareness. In our program your child will be exposed to activities and games involving rhyming, patterning, sequencing, and a print rich environment. Early learning classroom centers include a science center, where children learn about animal habitats and weather patterns, and a writing center where they can explore letter formation with sand and playdough along with traditional writing tools. Other classroom centers include math, reading, listening, blocks, dramatic play, and manipulatives. Each teacher carefully designs and frequently changes materials so children’s play is continually evolving and progressing, leading them to greater understanding of important kindergarten readiness skills. Smartboards and touchscreen technology allow further exploration of unfamiliar concepts. Children in the four year old program cultivate flowers in the spring and friendships year round.

Sample Units of Study

– Native Americans
– Holidays Around the World
– Space exploration

Ages & Options

Age: Born in 2020
Pre-K for all (UPK) offered 5 full days Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:20pm